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Ajay's Photo I am Ajay Balachandran a 22 year old web developer, movie buff, gamer from Kochi, India. I love doing stuff in jQuery and PHP. I am proficient with PHP, MySQL, and Apache as well as jQuery, AJAX and JSON. I am also good with Photoshop. Oh and BTW I am an avid gamer and love to game on my X360. I also watch lots of movies and love Christopher Nolan, Tarantino, Dicaprio, Christian Bale, Bruce Willis and Adam Sandler.
I also love U2 and actually designed much of this website while their "Without or without you" and "Walk On" were looping on my media player.

I did my schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ernakulam and degree at Union Christian College, Aluva.

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My Blog

Did you really think I could squeeze an entire Wordpress blog onto this small black square ??

Just kidding... You can view my blog by clicking this link

You will find tutorials, reviews, articles and other cool stuff on my blog.

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Mootlet is a Social debating website where you can express your opinions, ideas and views about a particular topic. I myself designed and developed this website for my startup Machinga.

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Cristina Handbags

Cristina Hanbags is London's largest handbag retailer store. The site includes a shopping cart and content management system developed by me while I worked for Designdirect UK.

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Naalam 2011

Naalam 2011 is the website of "Naalam 2011" a cultural event of National University of Advanced Legal Studies. The site was fully designed and developed by me and is still one of my favourites. Unfortunately the site is not live as the event is now over and the domain hasn't been renewed.

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Enfield Malayalee Association

Enfield Malayalee Association or ENMA website was created while I worked at Designdirect UK. The site includes a full fledged content management system developed by me.

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Medic Notice Board

Medic Notice Board is a website where tickets of various courses and conferences can be bought online.The site also includes a complete content management system.

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UKCBC is the website of UK College of Business and Computing. Students can pay fees and apply for various courses through this website.

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